Current Projects

Project: Stage 4 Bedrock Removal, Waterloo, NY
Rock Removal and Excavation
$1.2 million
Project: ECMC-Soil Remediation, Buffalo, NY
Site Remediation, foundation excavation, underground site utilities.
$2.7 million
Project: ECMC-Site and Parking, Buffalo, NY
Site and parking remediation project. 5 acres of parking lot. Recycled old blacktop and sub base by using our milling machine for the new sub base. Installed 33 storm structures and 5 underground detention systems.
$3.2 million
Project: Moog Corporate Office Building, Elma, NY
Infrastructure which includes a sanitary sewer system, water lines, storm sewer system, and a 2 acre parking lot. Also, constructed 3700 foot of a new roadway.
$1.2 Million
Project: Project Wave, Batavia, NY
Site development project of an 80 acre site that includes balancing of the site. This project also includes underground site utilities, asphalt pavement, foundation excavation and backfills.
$6.2 million
Project: Allegany Landfill Phase III Closure Cells 6, Angelica, NY
This Work consists of the construction of a 3.5 acre landfill cover system over a portion of the Allegany County Landfill in the Town of Angelica, New York.
$1.5 million